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i am dragonesa

nothing but pure kagagahan, thank you.

AngeLa La La üüü
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i used to be not so dragonesa but i have upgraded to being a DRAGONESA.
and mind you, di ako MAGAGALITIN. =*)
airheads, and yellow shoes =), birthdays, bubblegum lambanog, cheese popcorn, christmas, clinique happy heart =*), cluedo!!!, cotton candy, dawson's creekü, french fries, green mango shake, hale, itchyworms, jackets with huge hoods, libre, mcdonalds, mentos, mule, ocean's eleven, ocean's twelve, orange, pictionary, polly pocket, roswell!!!!, sour candies, subzero, sugar ray, vannila shake, watching tv, white chocolate frap, will and grace, yellow